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With more than a hundred magnificent and rare bird species, including birds of paradise to be spotted in the one place, Enga Province is one of those "must-see" destinations for the niche market of birdwatching tourists, who have been coming here for decades.

Enga's high altitude and rugged terrain has kept it isolated since the beginning of time, so the forests here are intact, pristine and are teeming with birdlife. 


There are hundreds of varieties to be seen including some of the world's most spectacular - the birds of paradise - which are only found in Papua New Guinea. 


There are few other places on Earth where you will see such a huge variety of bird species as you will find in Enga, from bird-of-paradise to birds of prey, lorikeets, pigeons, parrots, doves and owls - the varieties and colours are too numerous to list. Pictured on this page is just a small selection of the birds spotted at Enga's birding sites those which are endemic to Papua New Guinea. 

Kumul Lodge has a comprehensive list on its website.


Of all the bird species in Enga, it is the miok, or Ribbon-tailed Astrapia Bird-of-Paradise that is synonymous with  the province. It is the miok that first drew tourists to the province almost 30 years ago, making Enga the bird watching tourist destination it is today.

With its shimmering flashes of emerald green and royal blue on jet black and showy long white tail feathers, the miok has been capturing the eye and imagination of the Engan people for hundreds of years before it became a tourism drawcard, inspiring the traditional styles of ceremonial dressing and dance. 


There are many species of exquisite wild orchids that thrive in Enga's forests, including the rare endemnic Dendrobium engae orchid


Keep an eye out for some furry natives - cute marsupials like cuscus and tree kangaroos also thrive in this environment.  


From the east to the west, your birdwatching and nature trekking will be made more memorable with the experienced local guides and hospitality of Kumul Lodge and Yaskom Resort-Hotel who offer full & half day tours.


Stay in modern comfort at the end of each day, with warm fireplaces, and delicious, hearty meals made using fresh local produce.



Located in the east of Enga, nestled in a pristine montane forest, 2,800 metres above sea level, this renowned eco-lodge is the only birding lodge in the world where Birds of Paradise are amongst the regulars at the feeding platforms on the lodge grounds, offering fantastic photo opportunities.


From here you can also trek through over half a dozen other birding sites, through lush moss forests all in a 30 kilometre radius of the lodge.



Located in the heart of Enga, Yaskom Resort-Hotel is perched overlooking, Lake Ivae on the fertile Sirunki Plateau with new birding trails opening up some of the most remote forests in the world for birdwatchers and nature lovers.


The lodge's central location means from here you can also access birding trails at Komange Ridge in Kompiam-Ambum District and Lian Forest in Kandep District



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