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unspoilt wilderness


Enga's rugged terrain has kept its culture and environment isolated and unblemished for many centuries.


Miok, Enga Province

Enga is world famous for its birdwatching, with pristine untouched forests full of rare birds only found in this region, including bird of paradise species.

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Set in the fertile Sirunki Valley, a stop over at Yaskom Resort is the perfect location to view Lake Ivae, the second highest lake in Papua New Guinea


Visit the ancient salt ponds - the source of traditional trading that reached across the Highlands region and all the way to the coast. 


If you are after authentic traditional culture, you'll find it at one of Enga's many cultural festivals including the  biggest and most spectacular, the Enga Cultural Show held on the 2nd weekend in August every year. 

TAKE ANDA- Exterior_edited.jpg

Located in Wabag Town, Enga's museum or "wisdom house" will enhance your appreciation and understanding of Enga’s cultures.


An art style that emerged in Enga in the 1970's, sandpaintings are created using  finely ground sand and stone to create scenes and images of Enga's traditional life and native wildlife. 

Lyone Salt Pond
Lake Ivae
Enga Cultural Show
Take Anda Museum
Sand Painting
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