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The swampland in Kandep District is in stark contrast to every other part of Enga, with a vast stretches of swampland and lakes. The mountains in the distance are in fact an inland island and is home to several tribes. 


Located in the south of Enga, at 2429 metre, Kandep District owes its geographical features to the volcanic eruption of Mt. Sugarloaf, and thus has many crater lakes; the largest being Pakelem Lake which encircles Lyumbi Island.

Travelling in dugout log canoes is still the most common way the people here travel.  The friendly locals are always happy to give you a canoe ride for a few Kina. 


Kandep's swamps and lakes are rimmed by dramatic rock formations that have become a landmark symbol for the district and are the source of intriguing traditional tales and creation stories. 


A hike to the top of these craggy volcanic outcrops deliver spectacular views of the swamplands and surrounding area.


The traditional attire of the Kandep people is quite different that found in other parts of Enga., with bright coloured face paint reflecting the multicoloured feathers that feature in the headdresses. 

The people live similarly to their ancestors and in additional to domesticated pigs you will often find semi-domesticated cassowary known as muruk, an ancient flightless bird that is reminiscent of dinosaurs.


Kandep station has a handful of options for a stay in this district. The lodges are basic, clean with hot running water.  You can chose to stay on the edge of the swamplands or at the base of the mountain. 


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