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The rugged terrain of Kompiam District creates an environment for spectacular waterfalls. Wara Kon Falls is the first one you'll come to on the drive to the district headquarters at Kompiam Station. 


Located in the north of Enga, Kompiam District is one of the most inaccessible parts of Papua new Guinea and Kompiam Station sits like an oasis in what is often called the centre of the wild frontier. Kompiam offers both fascinating and spectacular discoveries, through its people and its environment. 

Most of the population maintain tradition lifestyles. Development is not only impeded by the environment, but also by the cycle of traditional tribal fighting, which are resolved through compromise and compensation.  The compensation ceremonies which centre an exchange or presentation of pigs and other items are a common sight. 

More about Kompiam's history can be read here.


Kompiam's rugged terrain has meant the people out here have been deprived of many vital services. The Kompiam District Hospital stands as a beacon for what can be achieved in spite of the regions geographical and cultural challenges. 


Run by the Enga Baptist Health Service, the hospital is an interesting case study in the setting up of a new health service in a remote location, with a nearly entirely indigenous workforce.  The lessons learned here have since been passed on to other organisations working in P.N.G. 

Kompiam Hospital has also become a major training centre for overseas medical students, and has played a key role in the development of training for rural doctors in Papua New Guinea.

Read more about the work done at the hospital here.


The best way to explore Kompiam is in the hands of the Nori and Janet Maru who  own and operate Kompiam Lodge. 

The lodge has modern rooms with en-suite or self-contained rooms, serves delicious home cooked meals and runs cultural and forest tours with a great three - four day itinerary, where you can witness surviving tradition ceremonies and initiation practices and trek to thunderous waterfalls. 

You can go their website here to see more.

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