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Wabag District where you’ll find the capital of Enga Province, which is referred to as Wabag Town. The site was first visited by foreigners in 1938-39 and was originally established as an airstrip and radio camp.  


Perched on the Lai River, it is the least populous provincial capital in the country. The Enga Provincial Government Headquarters are located here and well as the main police station, BSP bank branch and ATMs.

The climate in Wabag and Enga Province is classified as subtropical highland climate, with consistent temperatures all year round of warm days and chilly nights. Rainfall is consistent and heavy all year with, with June and July being the driest months.


This regular rainfall combined with the mountainous terrain means waterfalls abound throughout the province and just on the outskirts of Wabag Town, a 15-minute mini trek will take you to the thunderous Yao Falls.


Wabag is also home to the Take Anda Museum, a must see for any visitor to Enga. The museum houses the nation's most comprehensive collection of the pre-contact lives of the people in the pre-contact era in Papua New Guinea.


From mysterious stone artefacts, to the stories of the arrival of the sweet potato, the ancient salt trade and the ceremonial wars, rare first hand accounts the pre-contact life of Engan societies has been recorded and preserved here, as well as a treasure trove of poetry and sayings that served as a guide for the values and conduct of the Engan people. 

Read more about the Take Anda here.


Without a doubt, the second weekend in August is the best to be in Wabag, as the province stages its annual cultural show at this time.

Thousands of people, including from some of the province's most remote tribes descend on the capital for a week showcase of their authentic and intact traditional indigenous cultures.  

Find out more about the Enga Cultural show here, or visit the website and


There are plenty of choices for accommodation in Wabag, where most of Enga’s hotels, lodges and guest houses are located. Including homey family run lodges such as Wabag Lodge, the Malyam and Ribito Hotels and budget options at the Heavenly Inn and Family Inn.

See more accommodation options and details here.

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